Facebook iPad app

Facebook iPad app
It’s about time! There will soon an official Facebook iPad app in the App Store. The story first broke by New York Times blogger Nick Bilton today who has confirmed a free iPad application that has been designed to take full advantage of the large tablet screen. The iPad app has reportedly been in testing and production cycles for the past 12 months and should be ready in the coming weeks.
New features in the Facebook iPad app are first and foremost photo and video uploading capabilities, a full resolution interactive media viewing experience, as well as a fully optimized chat experience for the iPad which you haven’t seen anywhere yet.
Those 3rd party iPad apps for Facebook that have been trying to provide Facebook users some sanity (My Pad, iFace, Friendly) will be facing some stiff competition.
Finally, the Facebook web portal is also going to be getting a facelift when viewing it from your Safari browser on the iPad. It will be interesting to see how much HTML 5 goodness gets pimped out there.
It was only a few months ago in November of 2010 when Zuckerberg was asked about the Faceook iPad app, to which he replied “the iPad’s not mobile, it’s a computer.” That was then, and this is now 8 months later, with Facebook about to unleash their official iPad experience.
In related news TechCrunch today revealed screenshots of the photo sharing additions coming to the Facebook iPhone app which might be duplicated on the iPad side.
View the developer website here
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