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From Mike Ceaser,

You made a smart decision investing your hard-earned money in your iPhone & iPad. Wouldn’t it be a waste if you never use it to it’s fullest potential?

Nowadays, there are lots of iPhone & iPad Apps in the store and on the internet. But most people don't know that they could make $500-$1000 a DAY or buy the cheapest gas in their area or make phone calls free of charge.
Best,Cheap and Free iPhone & iPad Apps
f Lifetime Membership – Lifetime membership keeps you up to date with future changes and new tips and tricks.
f Available 24/7 – Middle of the night. You need a quick answer on how to get a task done on your iPhone or iPad. Jump online and read the books on that feature. Problem solved.
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d Clear, and Comprehensive Training – I’ll clearly guide you app-by-app & tap-by-tap through every last feature of your iPhone & iPad. I have a passion to teach and share my iPhone knowledge and experience with you in a straightforward, candid way.
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a Learn New Innovative and Productive Techniques – Discover new ways to be productive throughout your day with these iPhone & iPad tips and tricks.

In Just 10 Minutes a Day

You can read and learn your iPhone & iPad Tricks,Tips and Lessons and at your own convenience. If you just read and learn 10 minutes a day during your ritual cup of coffee, you’ll quickly and easily gain an understanding of your iPhone & iPad.
Plus, I’ll show you untapped features that you would never even think to google-search.
Admit to yourself that you’ve already struggled a bit figuring out some stuff on your iPad. I know I did at first too. I spent month and months reading, experimenting, searching online, and talking to other iPhone & iPad owners. Sometimes, I had to throw my hands up in frustration. Now, I can save you all that time by quickly and visually showing you how to do EVERYTHING you want to do with your iPhone & iPad.
  • You can even use your iPhone as a Credit Card Reader and get your payment using iPhone. Watch the video below to see how this is possible for everyone.

Mike Ceaser, Manager of Live Soft Team in Florida compiled the free or cheapest 250 iPhone & iPad Apps that will help you save at least $500-$1000 more every day. Sounds unbelievable?
Read below to see what unbelievable things iPhone & iPad Apps can do for you: (Note: Half of these apps are free, and most of the other half is below $2).
You can find your iPhone when it is lost.
  • Ever had your iPhone stollen? Or lost it? How do you find your iPhone? Well, you can do it but which App should you use?
You can make and receive phone calls over Wi-Fi and 3G right out of the box.
You can watch TV on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Now your iPhone is totally the coolest TV in your house. Watch live TV on your iPhone and start recordings on The Tube by tapping the red button on your iPhone. Connect your iPhone with The Tube on your Mac and let the innovative TV software stream the current TV program on your iPhone.
You can scan the bar code on the packaging. Within seconds, the app automatically reads the numbers on the product and searches the web for the item showing your its image thumbnail along with links to product pages on Amazon.com, and Google’s product search results with prices and selling domain names.
You can learn the location of speed traps, red light cameras, and speed detection devices on your iPhone.
  • An app utilizes the GPS capability of the iPhone to calculate your speed and your location in order to alert you (image, sound, and/or vibration) when a photo enforcement device such as speed cameras or red lights cameras are approaching, and when you exceed the limit speed.
You can turn your an iPhone or iPod Touch into an universal remote control and you can control every electronic equipment.
You can listen in live on various police, fire and ems frequencies.
You can create professional DJ mixes from your iPod music library in seconds.
You can access all the flight information you need.
  • Traveling is stressful, even before all the added security regulations for flying. One of the toughest things can be the first step: finding flights. Not only do you have to find something that fits into your schedule, but sometime cost effective as well–it can seem like a long, painful scavenger hunt for the unseasoned traveler.

The Largest Compilation Ever!

You Can Add Color to Your Life with Free iPhone Apps. Surprise your friends with these intriguing apps

You can translate 57 languages including Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Vietnamese using your iPhone.
You can find and instantly download over 1,500 newspapers from 90 countries and 47 languages.
  • Do you miss reading the newspaper? an iPhone and iPad app lets you buy and read daily newspapers from around the world in full PDF format. Think of it as a TiVo for newspapers.
You can watch live video from all over the world, chat with people, and make your own videos.
You can transform your voice into male/female, a mouse or evil demon.
  • Wanna spoof your voice? A simple fun iPhone tool that lets you transform your voice. Tap to record and then choose from 9 sound effects to instantly distort your voice into a funny and entertaining recording. This app is a voice recorder and voice changing app for the iPhone. You can sound like a mouse, and evil demon or even speak in reverse.
You can use a draggable magnifying glass on top of a satellite map find and display weather from anywhere around the world in seconds.
You can use voice commands to find things, you can also take pictures of things you see using your iPhone camera.
You can wirelessly transfer and receive photos and videos from other iPhone, iPod touch, iPads, PC and MAC.
You can convert units on your iPhone or iPad.
You can scan your iPod music on your iPhone or iPod touch and see blog posts related to those artists.
You can watch flash videos on your iPhone.
You can learn Chinese words and phrases.
You can discover new songs, bands, or even genres of music through an uber-elegant visual design.

You can impress your friends and even your girlfriend and/or be her hero with these apps
Best,Cheap and Free iPhone & iPad Apps
You can view lyrics for the songs you’re playing.
You can create the illusion that there is an object lying on top of your screen.
You can transfer files using your WiFi connection to and from your iPhone.
You can capture a full 360° view of anything in just a few seconds, and swipe to rotate the stitched together panorama.
You can print and mail your Instagram photos as postcards to friends and family, all from your iPhone.
You can take pictures and turn your friends into vampires, zombies, or someone who likes trick-or-treating teddy bears using app.
You can tweak, improve, and modify your photos using an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.
You can analyzes the audio to find the Artist, Song, and Album name.
You can run a full Andorid OS on the iPhone hardware.
You can control any iTunes on any MAC or PC and your AppleTV device.
You may terribly need these apps
You can measure your heart rate using your iPhone.
You can learn your blood pressure is and keep track of it over the course of time.Watch the video below to see how this is possible for everyone.

You can use your iPhone as thermometer.It will tell you the outside temperature at your present location.
You can use your iPhone as a ruler.
You can magically learn calorie information from photos of foods you take.
You can store all your private information in one secure place on your iPhone.
  • App is a secure storage application that can store all kinds of information, such as: credit cards information, online passwords, bank account info, registration codes, ATM PINs, emergency contacts and more.
You can calculate your speed and your location in order to alert you (image, sound, and/or vibration) when a photo enforcement device such as speed cameras or red lights cameras are approaching, and when you exceed the limit speed.
You can tracking your pets health needs easy and fun using your iPhone or iPod touch.
You can play Monopoly,Black Jack with your iPhone.
You can quickly & easily access the general information of 450+ food additives.
You can use your iPhone as a Babyphone / Room Monitoring System.
For the price of a cup of coffee outside, you can get in command of iPhone & iPad apps

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