iShow Makeup

iShow Makeup
iShow Makeup is a do-it-yourself app brought to us by iMew Design. It is a tool that helps you decide what kind of makeup and accessories look best on you. iShow costs $1.99 and is compatible with an iPhone and 4th generation iPod Touch.
If you can remember the computer program that Cher uses in Clueless to pick out an outfit for school then you are a stone’s throw away from understanding what it is that iShow Makeup does. Just imagine that Clueless program on a much smaller scale and without indicators informing you that you look terrible or you are mismatched.
iShow Makeup
All you have to do to use this app is take a picture of your face and start adding makeup, contact lenses, accessories, art, or animals to the picture in order to gauge what works on you. There are many options to browse so you get your fair share of variety. There are a mix of glasses and sunglasses, a broad range of different kinds of eye shadow and eyelash variations, contact lenses, tattoos, pets, and art. Truth be told, the eye shadow and eyelash choices are wild and showgirl-esque. That is not a complaint because what better way to preview how 5 pounds of makeup looks on you then through an app like iShow before you spend hours on your look for Halloween. The contact lenses are also not very practical. Most of them look like they were used on the set of Aliens or Terminator.
iShow Makeup
The biggest problem I found with iShow is that the accessories are not scaled very accurately. The glasses are so enormous that the picture you use of your face has to be a close up of just your eyes in order to fit them. The only feature offered in terms of altering the appearance of the accessory is a rotation device in case you need to flip an item to use on the other side of your face. I think I would have a lot more fun with iShow if the size of the accessories and add-ons were more realistic and I was able to integrate them into my portrait more effectively.

Appsafari Rating: 3.5/5

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Price: $1.99

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