Google Docs

Google Docs
Google Docs is now available for your iPhone or iPod touch. You can view your Documents and Spreadsheets and Presentations on your iPhone with a very slick user interface. You can filter your files by starred, and whether they are created by you. Also you have the ability to star and un-star files from the iPhone. Additionally you can search for files. The search feature actually looks at the content of your documents as well as the file names. The main page displays your documents conveniently broken down by creation date such as “Today”, “This Year” etc. On the bottom of the page you can browse your folder hierarchy and browse the files within each folder.
Update: Great news! Google has now added full editing support for Google Docs from your iPhone and iPad via the Safari browser at Making edits are easy, just tap on any table cell or document area and start typing your text. Then hit the submit button to save your changes. Google also gives its Android users the ability to speak the text they want to type.
  • Spreadsheets are presented nicely using HTML tables, with support for multiple sheets.
  • Presentation files render quite nicely in the iPhone and by default start a slideshow presentation of the file when you view them. There are buttons for navigating the slides and closing out of the slide show.
  • Document files are converted to HTML for quick reading on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Full Editing capability added
Here is a video demo of the Google Docs web app on a mobile device.

You will only see the iPhone version if you are using Safari on the iPhone or iPad. If you open the url on your PC or Mac you will still see a mobile version of your Docs which is also light weight with similar features. Try it here

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