CarPro is a personal assistant that seeks to help you out with most car questions that may surface. It was developed by srcnix’s obsessions and is compatible with an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You can buy it for a limited time only at $0.99 as opposed to the usual $1.99.
To begin using CarPro you complete a thorough questionnaire about your car. The questionnaire is broken down into 3 sections, Car, Insurance, and Recovery. In the Car section you fill out the Make, Model, Type, Registration, Next Service, Tire Pressure, etc.
In the Insurance and Recovery sections you are filling out the Policy Number, Insurer, Recovery Company etc. You save this information once you are finished and then you can add another car if you have one. There is also a Drivers section that you can toggle to where you add the name of any of the drivers of the car you inputted. The next cluster is titled Ticket/Permits where you can set a countdown to doomsday (when your ticket is due) or add a Permit so that you know its duration. On top of storing all of your car data, CarPro offers a GPS tracking to find your car.
When you have parked in some no man’s land you simply turn on CarPro and go to the Location section. It finds the location you are in and then you hit save. In addition, you can either takes notes describing where you are, take a photo of something to remind you, or have a map and compass guide you to the spot. On the Home page you get a breakdown of all the cars and drivers you have added. The cars are color coded with orange for Due, red for Expired, and green for Fine.
CarPro is your best bet to keeping it all together in terms of Car maintenance. If you are a really disorganized person I would call this app a definite asset for you. CarPro will definitely come in handy for Angelinos, who practically live in their cars and receive parking tickets in droves.

Appsafari Rating: 3.5/5

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Price: $0.99

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